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Practical Tips to Increase Your AC’s Performance

An Air Conditioning unit works harder due to the humidity during the summer months according to experts. In cooler evenings rather than taking a break from your AC and letting the windows open it’s best to keep all the windows closed to maintain dry and cool air inside.

In addition, to keep humid air out, switch on the unit by closing the doors and windows in the event that temperatures are expected to be hot the following day.

It has been proven that a modern and efficient AC system uses nearly half, or even less energy than older models. If your AC unit is 10 years younger then it is advised to maintain it at high efficiency and carry it in use.

However when you’re AC unit is more than 10 years old, then it’s time to replace your unit with a new, extremely productive AC unit. In the summer, when it is humid in Texas make sure you set your thermostat at the most acceptable temperature.

It is advised by experts as well as Energy Star to set it at a minimum temperature of 78 degrees. If you can adjust your thermostat by a couple of degrees, you can save money on the cost of your utilities.

The smallest of your involvement could increase the effectiveness that you get from the Air Conditioner considerably.

Be sure that there is adequate clearance surrounding the unit. Remove any accumulation of dust, bird feathers, or dust that has accumulated and debris from the area around it.

Keep the coils of your unit free of dirt, leaves, or grass clippings. Check that the ventilation fins are open as they ought to be. Make sure that the unit is protected from the sun’s direct heat by shading it either by the natural method of shadings such as a tree, or any type of cover.

Make sure that the filters are clean to ensure the best efficiency of the AC unit.

To ensure maximum efficiency and performance To ensure that to keep your system running at its peak, AC units must be maintained frequently by a professional and experienced AC repair service.

If your AC is not functioning properly after having followed the suggestions above the unit might need to be serviced by a skilled AC Repair service technician like Addison AC Repair & Heating Solutions LLC

Highly skilled and experienced AC Repair technicians will check and maintain your unit in order to ensure a smooth operation of the system, and also clean the internal coils as well as repair any other components if needed.

As we prepare for the hot and humid day of summer Addison AC Repair & Heating Solutions LLC

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